Patrick G. O'Healy SIOR, CRE, is a Commercial Real Estate Expert, including expertise with AIR Forms, Commercial Real Estate Practice, and litigation support and for a broad range of other topics. He is a California Licensed Real Estate Broker, and has practiced in Southern California since 1980. O'Healy is an incisive, tactical thinker, and is effective discerning, advising and resolving subtle dispute elements.

Experienced as an Arbitration Chair and Panelist for AIR, (The American Industrial Real Estate Association), O'Healy's experience with dispute resolution positions him to bring a combination of industry knowledge, practice, ethical standards and AIR Rules of Professional Conduct when he becomes part of a team considering or pursuing litigation. With 22 years experience as a Senior Instructor for SIOR, 9 years teaching Advanced Commercial Real Estate at UCLA and 13 years experience teaching for New America International, (NAI), and O'Healy is known as an authority in a broad spectrum of subjects he has taught to thousands of professionals through the years. Patrick O'Healy has also been trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine School of Law.

O'Healy received the coveted SIOR Roy Seeley award for Life Time Achievement, as well as international recognition as the SIOR Instructor of the Year, and for the largest SIOR transaction in a single year. While an accomplished educator, O'Healy is not a theoretician on the sidelines, he is an experienced Broker with a strong practice that includes consulting, and transactional real estate. O'Healy is a Counselor of Real Estate, (CRE), and has advised and consulted on projects with transaction value above $100,000,000.

During his career he managed the Newport Beach office for Daum Commercial, the Industrial Division of NAI/Matlow-Kennedy, was a major stockholder of NAI/Matlow-Kennedy, and the Managing Partner after the purchase of the company in 1993. NAI/Matlow-Kennedy was sold to Cushman & Wakefield in 2001. O'Healy opened O'Healy Commercial Real Estate Services in 2004. He was the Rookie of the Year in 1980 for Daum Commercial, and the Salesman of the Year with NAI/Matlow-Kennedy.

Patrick G. O'Healy SIOR, CRE, is active within industry organizations having served for 8 years on the American Industrial Real Estate Association's Board (AIR), and was the President in 1992. Mr. O'Healy specializes in commercial real estate for O'Healy Commercial Real Estate Services. He has extensive experience dealing with environmentally challenged properties, and representing corporate, individual and governmental clients with difficult assignments.