haberbushDavid Richard Haberbush
Haberbush & Associates, LLP

We recently renewed the lease for our 2613 square foot office here at 444 West Ocean.

We worked diligently with the property management company to negotiate the best possible terms for our extension. After receipt of the landlord's "best and final" offer, we decided to ask Patrick O'Healy of O'Healy Commercial Real Estate Services to assist us. He offered to help negotiate the lease with no financial obligation on our part. He educated us regarding the market and showed us various alternatives in case our landlord was unwilling to negotiate more fair terms and conditions.

We are very satisfied with the outcome since the O'Healy team was able to save us $50,429 beyond the landlord's "best and final" offer for the balance of our extended Term. In addition, he also negotiated a new base to current market costs for operating expenses, which has saved us an additional amount we have yet to measure. We are extremely satisfied with the service we received, not to mention the savings in occupancy costs as a result of working with O'Healy Commercial. We can recommend their team without reservation for the renewal of your next lease or perhaps when you expand into larger quarters