jean smithJean Bixby Smith
Chairman of the Board
Bixby Land Company

In my capacity as President of the Bixby and Alamitos Land Companies, I worked with Patrick O'Healy for approximately fifteen years.

In that time he represented the companies in over fifty transactions of varying sizes and complexity. His creative approaches to marketing our properties proved to be very productive.

In addition to acting in the capacity of a broker, Patrick, on several occasions, provided consulting services to the companies. He assisted us in developing deal structures and marketing plans and represented us in some complicated three way negotiations which allowed us to keep extremely valuable tenants. He also successfully managed several build-to-suit projects from the tenant acquisition and lease negotiation phases through to final occupancy.

Patrick was both professional and ethical throughout our relationship. He is a very knowledgeable commercial real estate broker and has a well deserved reputation as one of the most effective professionals in the area.